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Some of the major issues that ecommerce stores face are:

Navigation:Rough navigation can be a major deal breaker for eCommerce stores.

Web Hosting:Shared hosting has its limits in terms of bandwidth and storage space. If the traffic exceeds even a little, the website will collapse.

Server ScalingMost ecommerce stores fail during the Holiday Season because they are not able to scale resources instantly.

Mail Server ProblemMail servers have a limit to the number of emails that the ecommerce stores can send to their customers within a day. Increase in the number of mails.

Product URL Issueecommerce stores face the issue of broken links. This can lead to more traffic loss, and even de-ranking of URL from search engines because of higher bounce rates.

Slow SpeedSlow speed of online stores can leave a bad impression on visitors and make them leave.

If you are experiencing any issues on this list or not on the list, contact us. We'll deliver swift solutions for you.

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