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Whatsapp has taken over the messaging world and that's why this cross-platform app can work as an effective marketing tool.

Messages sent out through Whatsapp messenger can offer maximum reach with minimum effort.

In general SMS campaigns, the mobile user will miss the message if the phone is switched off but the same is not the case with Whatsapp messages. As soon as the user connects switches on the phone’s internet connection, the message will be delivered successfully.

If you are seeking to explore the marketing potential offered by this platform, consult Even Brains.

We offer Whatsapp marketing services, with a focus on:

Effective message design

Extensive research for campaigns

Multiple media formats for advertisements

Constant performance tracking.

Effective message design
Effective Message Design
Higher engagements
Higher Engagements
Multiple media formats
Multiple Media Formats
Potential customer database
Potential Customer Database
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